Seedstars World will pick the best among all participants of the bootcamp and the academy program to provide them with a paid 6-month internship at one of their 12 Hubs all around the world (Manila, Nairobi, Hong Kong, Lima, Yangon etc.) .


For the internship program, Seedstarts will offer selected participants a 6-month internship in one of their hubs in an emerging market. Interns will be involved in establishing Seedstars academies for local entrepreneurs. In this capacity they will be immersed in the entrepreneurial dynamics in these countries and contribute directly to the local startup ecosystem. This presents a valuable opportunity for students to gain firsthand insights into business in emerging markets (specifically in the tech sector) and to learn from the tenacity and creativity of local entrepreneurs. If they wish, they would also have the opportunity to build their own companies in collaboration with local entrepreneurs.

What will you do?

Occupation depends on Seedstars’s needs, but most interns will be involved in the local startup ecosystem of the respective country, and will either participate in or help establish the local Seedstars Academy.

Where will you do it?

Location depends on Seedstars’s real business demands and internship timing, but could be in any of the following 12 Seedstars Hubs: (Manila, Nairobi, Hong Kong, Lima, Yangon etc.)


When will you do it?

Internships are planned to start following completion of the Academy, but can be arranged individually with Seedstars.


How will you get the internship?

Show commitment and drive during the Bootcamp and Academy and impress the Seedstars jury while presenting your team’s project!